Thursday, May 29, 2008

Healthy hospital food?

I think this Slow Food blog post is so interesting. I remember eating the hospital food at Good Samaritan after Brynn was born and ending up SO plugged up, I couldn't have a b.m. for days. It may have even been a full week. I blamed it on the hospital food -- they should have given me a salad and some fruit to keep me loose, but instead I got lots of starch. Not good after childbirth. When I saw this blog headline today, I was encouraged for those moms-to-be out there and anyone else who is going to stay a few days in a hospital. Hopefully what happened to me won't happen to you. What I like just as much is that since lots of these hospitals are choosing to buy not only more produce, but also more local food, the changes they're making will be good for local economies and the environment as well. Now, if we could get school districts to make the same changes, we'd be on the right track...

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