Thursday, May 22, 2008


The family in the article below is one that I feel a part of. I've been hearing about Caleb and Will Franklin and Emily since Emily was about the same age as Brynn...that was more than fifteen years ago. I've been inspired by their dedication to improving the lives of orphaned children. They've always been open about how their family works, how they deal with their kids, how they teach their kids, how they impart faith into their kids, how they keep their marriage alive...I've followed this family. At times I've lived vicariously through them. I've looked up to them, and now I weep and mourn with them. No, I've never met this family, but I've been changed by them.

Daughter of Christian music star killed

Here are links to two of their blogs. One is written by Steven and the other by his wife, Mary Beth. If you don't know this family already, taking a peak into their lives might inspire you, too.

Mary Beth

Here's a link to the first word on the tragedy to come out of the Chapman camp.

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3boys247 said...

Such a tragedy. Hopefully their faith will guide them through this heartbreaking time.

This same thing happened to a man I used to work with, but his wife was driving the car. It was 14 years ago, but I will never get that funeral out of my head.