Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's like we're on a merry go round all by ourselves!

That's what Callie screamed with delight today as she and Brynn were riding their bikes around the garage in endless circles. Over the past two weeks, Brynn's learned how to ride her little bike (the 12-incher) without training wheels. For the most part, she taught herself to ride. I guess she realized how useless her dad and I are when it comes to teaching bike riding and decided to figure it out for herself. So, Scott took the training wheels off of her little bike and she started gliding in circles around the garage. She would use her feet to get going and then let the bike glide, just to figure out the balance. A few days later, she tried pedaling. Now she's got pedaling down and is figuring out how to use her brakes to slow down instead of just using them to stop. A few times in the past week, Brynn and Scott have taken her big bike (the new lavendar 20-incher) to a cul-de-sac near our house where she's practiced riding it in big circles. It's a little too big and heavy to ride around the garage. Hopefully by mid to late summer, Brynn will be riding well enough to accompany her dad as he runs, like I did when I was a kid.

While Brynn's been learning to ride her bike, Callie's been happily riding her Trikester in the garage. I never envisioned my kids riding their bikes in the garage, but we really have no other flat, hard space around our house that works and they don't seem to mind. Plus, they're out of my hair which leaves me time to blog...um, I mean clean! I didn't realize when I was a kid how lucky I was to have a huge concrete driveway and plenty of concrete pathways around our house. I really had a great place to ride my bike as a kid. Thankfully, my children seem happy with what they have.

I tried to get some photos of the girls riding their bikes but they're so fast (really, they are) it was tough to get any that weren't blurry, even on a high shutter speed. Check out the album linked to the photo below to see a few more of the girls riding, plus a couple more showing off my new lens! Just click on the photo of Brynn to get there. Tomorrow I've got a one-on-one appointment with a local photographer who will give me some tips. So, by tomorrow afternoon I hope to be on the road to becoming a better photographer. Keep your fingers crossed.


3boys247 said...

Looks like fun! I hate to tell you but Brynn is losing that baby look and looking like a young girl. Holy Moly you are going to be in for trouble.

Hillary Dickman said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing when I was picking out photos to post. When did my sweet little baby turn into a kid?? I remember being mourning my baby on Brynn's fourth birthday. Even though she still had a baby-ish look, I knew that after four comes five and five means you're a kid...not a baby any more. At least I still have Callie...she reminds me every day that she's still my "baby."

Beth said...

I was researching Blurb and found your post on it, but didn't see a follow-up post on it. Were you happy with what you got? -Thanks!

Hillary Dickman said...

Beth --

Yeah, we were happy with our book. I'm planning to make more, in fact!