Thursday, May 15, 2008

Libbie's DNA

We received an email from Canine Heritage today explaining that Libbie's breed test is (finally) ready and was one of the first samples to be tested on the new expanded breed test. The test identifies over one hundred breeds. Our certificate with the breakdown of her muttness is being printed and should arrive at our house next week. I'll keep you updated...not that anyone else cares as much as I do about what kind of mutt our sweet, loyal, loving dog is.


Jim Thompson said...

Hi Beth - glad that you are finally getting your results. The new MMI 100+ breed test (XL)is now on sale at as of this evening. Be sure to post your photo and results when they arrive! My wife and I are also waiting for the results...

Hillary Dickman said...

Hi, Jim.

Actually, I'm the writer on this blog and my name is Hillary, not Beth. Is your website? In a few days I'll probably remove your comment because of the link. I don't do prolonged free advertising on my blog.

I will most definitely post our results when they arrive -- no need to worry about that. We've waited since December for these results and Canine Heritage's communication hasn't been the best so we're really anxious to get the results.