Thursday, May 08, 2008

Light bulb removal

As I write, Brynn is upstairs in her bed whining about how she's too tired to get up for school. It's 7:36am. If I hadn't woken her up six minutes ago, she'd sleep until well past 8:00. Why is she so tired? Why don't we put her to bed at a decent hour? We do! She goes to bed by 8:00pm every night. But, lately, she's been reading until she's so tired that she passes out in bed. Last night Scott checked on her at 10:00pm and she was still awake...with a stack of no fewer than twenty books on her bedside table. The night before she read her Bible, hoping to read from beginning to end in one night. Thankfully, she only made it halfway through before she had the sense to turn out her light.

We've obviously asked her not to read after bedtime. It hasn't worked. So, tonight I'm going to take the Arnold Schwarzenegger approach. I heard him say that when his kids leave the lights on in their rooms when they aren't there, he unscrews the light bulbs. My kids have gotten pretty good at turning out lights (I charge them a quarter if they leave it on) but unscrewing the light bulb next to Brynn's bed might solve this problem. For today, she might end up going to school in her pajamas.

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