Thursday, May 08, 2008

My new lens is here!

I think I might be in love. With my new camera lens. I hope my husband won't feel threatened as he sometimes does by my sewing machine and books and computer. After all, they all take away precious moments from his time with me. This lens might cause some serious jealousy.

Here are some of the photos I took with it a few minutes ago:

I had no idea Anna's face was so dirty. Since I took this one close up, her ear and the background are more blurry than in the one below this.

This one is taken from the same distance as the shots I took of Libbie with my other lens, but her nose is more blurry because this one was taken at f/1.8 and the others were at f/4.5.

I love how Brynn's closer eye is in focus and the one that's farther away is blurred.

This doesn't show off the lens much, but mischievous expression is so Callie. Not so much in love with the gunk under her nose.

I think the identical expressions on the girls in this and the next photo are great. Especially since you can barely recognize Brynn, but you can tell she's got the same look on her face as Callie. By the way, Callie was wearing two hats in these photos. She's got her green "touchdown maker" hat on and a white faux fur bucket hat over that one.

Brynn working away at her favorite activity: coloring.


3boys247 said...

What great pictures! Maybe you should be the official pool photographer?

Hillary Dickman said...

I'm sure you will see my camera at the pool a LOT this summer!