Thursday, May 29, 2008

She's sassy.

As I was putting away Brynn's clothes tonight, she was laying in bed reading a Disney book. As she was reading it, she told me, "They're sign language."

Me: Huh?
Brynn: They're sign language.
Me: Who's sign language?
Brynn: The Disney characters are.
Me: You mean they speak sign language?
Brynn: Yeah. In real life they use sign language. They must be from the same place as Ms. Jane [her preschool teacher].
Me: The Disney characters are from Texas?
Brynn: Yeah, just like Ms. Jane. She's from Texas and she speaks sign language.

So, as I was trying to find some open space in my brain where I could tuck away that conversation, the sassy conversation started.

Brynn: Mom, these birds in the book move their wings real fast.
Me: You mean really fast? You need an adverb to modify an adjective.
Brynn: A what?
Me: Well, when you describe something...
Brynn: [interrupting] What does 'describe' mean?
Me: It means that if you're telling someone about something, you use words that help the person understand what that thing is like.
Brynn: I don't understand. Maybe you can describe it to me when I'm a little bit older.
Me: Okay, maybe when you're older you'll...oh, Brynn. You got me. You're too smart. Brat.

My definition of the word "describe" was pitiful. How she understood the word well enough to use it in a sentence is beyond me. There are times like this when I think she's gifted and extraordinarily bright. And then there are other when she can't find the shoes she was wearing five minutes earlier. Or when she needs help to clean up her room. Or when she eats a muffin and half of it ends up in crumbs on the table and floor. Although sometimes she's challenging, it's fun witnessing all of the little quirks that make Brynn who she is.

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