Monday, May 05, 2008

That's 23 THOUSAND.

Following the same conservationist theme of the previous post, I ran across this article and this one today at the National Geographic news site. Apparently there's been a rise in ivory demand over the past three or so years. You know what that means for African elephants...not good.

23,000 African elephants were killed in 2006 just for their tusks. Look at the photos in the second article. Do they make you sick? Do they remind you of the buffalo slaughter scene in Dances with Wolves? I'll never forget that scene, and this is even worse. Thinking about this (or the senseless slaughter of any group of animals or people) makes me feel like crying and puking all at the same time. We support WildAid to help stop junk like this, but it never really feels like we're doing enough.

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