Monday, May 05, 2008

Wild jaguars in Arizona?

I think it is SO cool that there is a breeding population of jaguars in Northern Mexico/Southern Arizona. And, I agree with the conservationist cowboy (is that an oxymoron?) quoted in the article who says that human traffickers, drug smugglers, and illegal immigrants are going to get through the border fence without a lot of trouble. The fence is only causing major problems for wildlife like these gorgeous jaguars. For humans, the fence seems to be more of a minor inconvenience.

Like many others, I get kind of annoyed when we put the needs of some endangered species over those of humans. Like...some rare mosquito or field mouse. In many cases, people should get priority over them. But, jaguars? They're just too awe-inspiring to let our goofy and ineffective border policies impede their population growth.

Let's just hope that the human traffickers don't turn into poachers when they discover that they can make more money sending jaguar paws and organs to China for sale on the black market. If that happens, we might as well put up a border wall; the jaguars will be doomed.

Border-fence dispute snares rare jaguars

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