Thursday, June 12, 2008

Apparently it wasn't a fake.

Back in March, after I posted this, my brother tried to convince me that the video in question must have been a fake. I try to be optimistic, and although I attempted to agree with my brother, I had a feeling the video was real, and the puppy being thrown off the cliff was real -- and alive when it was thrown.

Today Scott mentioned this article from The jerk who threw the puppy off the cliff is now being kicked out of the Marines and someone else who was involved is also "receiving non-judicial punishment," whatever that means. Episodes like this just make me wonder how much of these soldiers' personalities were heartless, mean, and insensitive before they joined the Marines, and what was actually caused by being in the Marines. I'd imagine that being on tour in Iraq, or any other warzone, for that matter, would cause some desensitization to killing, death, pain, torture, all of the things a soldier causes, experiences, and witnesses.

I just hope that the soldier who tossed the puppy off the cliff is not only punished, but ostracized by his family and community. I hope he digs himself a hole and hides in it. I know that's not a compassionate response, but let's be honest, he's a danger to us all.

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