Monday, June 02, 2008

Is she my kid or my mother?

I know that it is generally not good for a kid to mother her mother. That's why I was alarmed today when Brynn suddenly became my mother. Or so it seemed. In the process of getting ready to go run some errands this morning, Callie threw a fit. She's been doing that a lot lately. She's three and, as Kate from "Jon and Kate plus 8" said, three is the new two. Her tantrum became so outrageous that, in the middle of dressing myself, I yelled up to her, "Forget it, Callie. We're not going anywhere with you acting like this." Being the kind of mom who is easily distracted, I immediately thought of what I should be doing now that I wasn't planning to leave the house. So, dressed in shorts and a bra, I marched up to the kitchen to grab some cleaning supplies instead. Brynn followed me and asked if she could help. "Sure, Brynn, you grab the dustbuster and follow me back to my room." I took the big dustmop and we headed back to my room to mop up the ever-increasing amount of dog hair lying on the floor. Still dressed in shorts and a bra, I mopped the floor and Brynn followed behind me with the dustbuster to vacuum up the pile of dog hair when we were done. Then I did the same in the family room and headed up to the kitchen to mop there. As I was mopping in the kitchen, I heard Brynn behind me. "Mom, here," she said. Expecting her to be pointing to a spot I'd missed, I turned around. What I found was a little girl holding out one of my favorite t-shirts. At first I thought maybe I'd left it on the floor somewhere and she wanted me to put it away. Then I remembered that I still hadn't finished dressing. I took the shirt graciously, put it on, and gave my thoughtful girl a hug. She'd quietly gone into my closet, picked out my favorite t-shirt, pulled it off the hanger and brought it to me. I don't know how this child is becoming such a high-quality individual with a crazy mother like me.

I'm going to try not to cause Brynn to need to mother me any more, but I have to say, I'm impressed by her thoughtfulness, her sensitivity, her resourcefulness, and her understanding of what needed to be done. She's a smart girl with a good heart -- I'm not sure that I could ask for anything more.


Dad said...

Hey,what a great kid... And, what was Callie doing while Brynn was acting like a mom? Did you ever get to the errands??

Hillary Dickman said...

Callie was upstairs screaming her head off.

We did, eventually, get to the errands. But not until the floor and both girls' rooms were clean.