Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not a total bust.

We took part in our HOA garage sale today. If not for a few cute photos I snapped of my kids during the sale, it would have been a total bust. There was lots of traffic to sales in other parts of our neighborhood, but hardly any to ours. In fact, we packed up our stuff just two hours after setting it out. We didn't have a lot to sell, thankfully. Scott was amazed at what we did find. I think he even said he was proud of me...everywhere he looks in our house, there's stuff we can't get rid of. I guess that's a compliment. We don't buy more than we need, if we can help it.

Last year, Brynn saw some girls on our street with a lemonade stand and REALLY wanted to have one of her own. I figured this would be the best time. So, early this morning I made a big jug of lemonade and a pitcher of raspberry iced tea for her to sell. Here's a photo of her standing next to her tip cup:

She was not coached on how to spell "tips for college." I was actually surprised that she almost got it right! Callie was mischievous as usual, getting into stuff we were trying to sell, playing with her old toys, and asking too many questions. Here are a few photos of her hanging out in the driveway. Check out her eyes!


Michael said...

that is so ironic, we're having a garage sale next Saturday. We aren't that hopeful either. If we sell anything I'd be impressed.

Hillary Dickman said...

I was really optimistic before the sale because last summer we added a few things to a friend's garage sale and sold almost everything. But, I think it helped that her sale had furniture which seems to draw a big crowd. We didn't have any big ticket items, so hardly anyone even stopped to look.