Friday, June 27, 2008

Poor poochie!

My sweet dog really got herself into trouble on Wednesday night. I took her out for a walk and for some long recall practice up at the (unfenced) elementary school. While running around off leash practicing long recalls, she saw or smelled a bunny and took off. Somewhere during the chase, she managed to nearly slice off the paw pad opposite her right wrist (or is that an ankle?). She walked home like all was fine and then I noticed her bleeding profusely as we were checking out my veggie garden. It took a few times irrigating it with water before I could even find the source of the bleeding. She very patiently allowed me to bandage and wrap her paw as I talked on the phone with the emergency vet clinic nearby. The next morning, we rushed to our local vet who recommended stitches. A few hundred dollars later, we brought her home looking like this:

Since she could barely walk with the goofy shade on her head, I took it off within a few minutes of getting home. She's not attempted to lick or chew her bandages. I think Nacho would chew his whole leg off if he were forced to wear a wrap like that. Luckily, Libbie's a bit more tolerant.

Maybe next time I'll just take her to the dog park.

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Michael said...

Daisy wants Libbie to know she's thinking about her and hopes Libbie feels better!