Sunday, June 22, 2008

This could be Libbie's job...almost.

I came across this great article in our local paper today about an Aussie Shepherd named Beau who patrols the greens at the Broadmoor to keep geese off of them. Beau's not some carefully bred dog with papers...he came from the pound. He loves to run, he loves to chase geese, and he loves to please his master (who's name, by the way, is Fred relation to us that we know of). Libbie could do those things...maybe. She loves to run, loves to chase geese, and loves to please me. The only problem is that once she starts chasing, she doesn't stop. She seems to go temporarily deaf. Probably not the kind of dog golf courses are looking for.

I've heard that Aussie Shepherds are outrageously smart. A friend of mine in California has one and says his dog could probably be trained not only to chase the deer off of our property, but to round them up and sort them by size. Libbie is, unfortunately, not quite that bright. Thankfully, she makes up for it in patience and sweetness.


Michael said...

who cares about Libbie! are they hiring? cuz that'd be awesome...

Hillary Dickman said...

Yes, while I'm sure you would enjoying running around the golf course chasing geese, I think they hire dogs because the only salary they require is a couple bowls of food every day and a warm bed at night.

I'm pretty sure your wife would kick you out if you took a job like that! :)