Thursday, July 31, 2008

Libbie might be better

Three weeks ago Libbie had staples put in her right foreleg where her proximal pawpad had nearly been lopped off by (we think) metal landscape edging. It was originally (at the end of June) reattached with sutures but shortly after the sutures were removed the laceration split open again. So, the vet did a quick (and free) nerve block in her leg before gluing and stapling the wound back together. After the staples were removed last week, I was told that Libbie should "take it easy" for another week or so. Although I wasn't ready to let her run unchecked yet, today she finally got her chance.

Callie heard me getting ready to take Libbie out to the bathroom this morning. Our backyard is not fenced and backs up to open space, so when we take Libbie to pee, she has to be leashed. Callie convinced me (okay, her threat of crying convinced me) to let her hold the leash without my help. She specifically said, "I want to hold the leash by myself. That means you can't hold it at the same time." Usually I don't give in to requests like that because I know that there might be ugly consequences. Against my better judgment, I gave in this morning for a couple of reasons. First, I haven't seen any deer around in the mornings lately. Usually deer are the biggest problem when one of the girls takes Libbie out to pee -- Libbie chases the deer and the kids either let her go or get dragged behind her through the cacti and yuccas in the open space. Not good. The other reason I let Callie take Libbie out today was because I just didn't feel like listening to Callie scream. Not at eight in the morning, not before I had some coffee, not when Brynn was still sleeping. When Callie doesn't get her way she screams. Some battles are absolutely worth fighting, but I didn't think this was one of them.

Here's how Libbie got loose: Libbie starts walking out to her pee spot with Callie tagging along behind. Callie, of course, somehow gets the leash caught between Libbie's back legs and doesn't get it out before the dog pees ten hours worth of pee on the leash. Awesome. Then, Libbie spots the three bucks (that is, three large male deer with antlers) lounging in our neighbor's backyard and before I can say "Libbie, leave it!" she's off flying through the open space with a peed-on six foot long leather leash trailing behind her. When she's chasing something she suffers from something dog owners, mothers, and wives call "selective hearing." So, totally ignoring my calls to her, off she went, up over the hill in our yard and totally out of our sight, chasing her three bucks. I asked Callie to go back inside and she said something like, "Why, so I can bring a treat out for Libbie to have when she gets back?" My reply was something like, "No, so I don't smack you while I'm waiting for her. Get in the house." Mom of the year, right here!

The good news is that it didn't take the deer long to outrun the dog so Libbie returned within probably a minute. The best news is that when she got back her paw was totally intact which makes me think that maybe, just maybe, it's finally healed? I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to take her for a swim in Ice Lake at the Air Force Academy. Maybe this weekend we will be able to try the dog park. When she can play with other dogs and not start bleeding, I'll know for sure I've got my dog back!

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Julie said...

Sweet Libbie! Dogs are so resilient - it amazes me every day. I felt like such a protective mother hen after Dewey broke his leg, but he seems to know his limits (I hope!). Hope Libbie's paw continues to heal nicely! :)