Thursday, July 17, 2008

A walk in the woods...I mean, desert.

Across the street from our neighborhood sits a gorgeous park called Ute Valley. It's a city park, but once you walk a hundred yards into it, you might as well be many miles into the mountains. I love walking there, especially in the evening with my camera and my family. The light is great and the background is classic Southern Colorado high desert.

Several of the images I uploaded here look really washed out and over-exposed to me, although they didn't look washed out while I was editing them. I've come to the conclusion that moving photos into Blogger occasionally (and randomly) does something to the color and contrast of some of my, forgive their over-exposed washed-outness. Normally I'd fix them and re-upload them, but I've got better ways to spend my time tonight. Like, sleeping.

Brynn in a typical contemplative state.

Callie looking grubby with the remnants of a few sips of red wine from dinner plus chocolate milk samples from earlier in the day at Costco. Oh, and then there's her straw-textured hair from days of swimming without showers in between.

Brynn off and running through the park.

Waiting for everyone else to catch up.

This photo pretty much encapsulates the differences in my two girls' personalities.

Yikes! The rattlesnake we met in the middle of the trail.

Grandpa bravely leading us and on the lookout for more rattlers...while I walk backwards down the trail. Probably not a smart move on my part.

Brynn usual. She adores cameras.

They (okay, maybe just Brynn) requested a sister photo.

And another.

And, of course, one of Grandpa with his favorite girls.


Michael said...

There are rattlesnakes on that path!??! What if it had eaten Daisy!?!?

Hillary Dickman said... gulp would have done her in. :)