Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Closing out veggie month with curry!

With only a few days left in veggie month, tonight we had one of our best meals yet. It was this curried cauliflower in coconut milk over basmati rice. Really dumb of me not to take a photo -- sorry. Scott loves basmati rice steamed with a few cardamom pods, and the rice was a perfect addition to the recipe. Besides cauliflower, I also added carrots and green beans in the mix. Next time I'd add more cayenne pepper and a bit more salt than the recipe calls for. All of the veggies we used tonight arrived in our CSA box yesterday, along with corn, green chard, cucumbers, yellow squash, green onions, peaches, carrots (best I've ever had), green beens, beets, and (of all things) collards. Not a bad haul considering it came two weeks after a disastrous hail storm which was followed by two straight days of rain.

I've really been looking forward to getting cauliflower in the box, not because I really like cauliflower (I don't think I've ever bought a head of it) but because I have been looking forward to eating it in some kind of curry sauce. This one seemed to fit the bill. Scott had seconds and is now incapacitated -- maybe the first time this month he's stuffed himself silly. Even the girls ate most of it...well, after I convinced them that it would be like the coconut ice cream they ate for dessert last night. Definitely an all around winner.

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