Friday, August 15, 2008

Days like this

I love days like this.

Today I got to take the dog for a walk first thing in the morning and return home seconds before the day's first downpour. Then I got to walk the girls to school in the rain (first time I remember walking in the rain since college), avoiding getting poked in the eye by their scary umbrellas. By the way, across the street neighbor, I hope my kids didn't scratch up your pickup truck walking by with their unruly umbrellas. Oops. After dropping Brynn off I got to meet some other kindergarten moms at the "boo hoo kindergarten coffee." I think they should change the name to the "yippee kindergarten coffee." Just wait 'til I get on that PTO. While introducing sweet Callie to the other moms I realized it was the first time I'd actually looked at her that morning. She took off her hooded raincoat to reveal a matted mess of straw that seemed to be growing out of her head. Oh, wait, that was actually her hair. Oh, and something growing around her mouth...oh, no, maybe it was just crusty old milk. I tried to blame it on my husband who fed and groomed the girls this morning while I walked the dog, but one of the other moms called me on it. "We always blame that stuff on the dads..." Wow, she just met me and already saw right through me.

The rain had stopped by the time we started our walk home and the temperature and that clean earth smell were perfect. I stuck Callie in the bath while I put away the girls' clean clothes and picked up their rooms. Now I know why I was mad all summer...I spent the summer sitting next to the pool gossiping and never had a chance to clean my house. Plus, while I sat by the pool my cat sat on our clean clothes that I didn't have time to put away and then I had to wash them all over again. Ahhh...sitting by the pool is the culprit!

Anyway, I scrubbed Callie's hair and her mug, introduced her to her clean room, ran a few errands, picked up Brynn from school, and then spent the afternoon sitting under a down comforter sipping chai and reading Isabel Allende's Zorro. (Yes, now that summer is over, my children have returned to their regularly-scheduled naps!) About a week ago while sitting next to the pool, some friends made fun of me for reading a textbook (so I wanted to learn about Urban Planning...what's wrong with that?) and one of them might have said I needed to read a cheesy romance novel, which is totally not in my character. Scott just finished Zorro and recommended it instead. It's a book I can read in public and still hold my head up high, thank you very much.

I think I like rainy days. I think rainy days help me accomplish goals like putting away clean clothes. And they give me an excuse to curl up under a cozy comforter. With two cats on me and a dog desperately trying to retrieve a tennis ball out from under a piece of furniture but I won't go help her because I'm cozy. And warm. And I refuse to disturb my cats.

I like days like this.


3boys247 said...

A. I thought we agreed cleaning the houses could wait until school started? Or was that just me?

B. I wouldn't exactly call it gossiping by the pool. Perhaps The Daily Recap of Stuff That We Know, sometimes juicy, but usually not.

C. "some friends made fun of me" You know, if we didn't love you we wouldn't tease. And I think I also mentioned being your campaign manager when you run for some city government position.

D. Zorro does not equal cheesy romance novel. It isn't even close. I don't need to hold my head high while reading cheesy romance novel, my head is buried in the book.

E. I just check out "In Defense of Food" but I am a little embarrassed to read it in public. : )

Heather Van Uxem-Lewis said...

Phil's required initial reading for urban planning text was Larry Ford's "Cites and buildings, skyscrapers, skidrows and suburbs" as well as Truman Hartshorn's "Interpreting the City: An Urban Geography."

My cheesy romance novel pics:
Drieser's "Sister Carrie"
Cather's "My Antonia"