Monday, August 04, 2008

Is this a surprise?

Really, did anyone not already know this? What parent looks at a kid's menu in a fast food or sit down chain restaurant and thinks, "Oh, pizza, fries, and a coke. That's perfectly healthy for my kid." Or, even, "Chicken fingers, fries, and lemonade...yeah, that's well-rounded." Give me a break. We all know these restaurants are serving garbage but since we don't really get better options, we go with what the kid will eat and what's cheap. Did it really take a study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest to tell us what any responsible parent should already know?

Maybe if we all start ordering split meals for our kids from the "adult" menu instead of them each getting their own plate off of the kid menu, restaurants will understand that we think the choices on the kid menus are inadequate. Or just request carrot sticks instead of fries (and expect the waiter to look at you like your nuts and have to find out from the kitchen whether he's allowed to make the switch). And get your kid milk instead of soda. Or how about this novel idea...water! We also frequently make this statement to our servers, "Oh, I heard your out of mac-n-cheese (or fries)! That's such a bummer!" Our kids haven't figured it out yet, despite the servers' looks of confusion.

Ordering healthier food for your kids is not a difficult task, it's remembering to make the request that is difficult. Once your kid gets used to eating healthier options, she won't throw a fit over the missing fries. At least, my kids don't.

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