Sunday, August 17, 2008

Libbie goes hunting.

This morning while walking Libbie, Brynn had the presence of mind to let go of the leash as Libbie took off to chase a rabbit who had dared to cross our path not more than a few feet in front of the dog (silly rabbit). The rabbit initially hid in a bush next to the sidewalk, but as soon as Libbie stuck her nose in the bush the rabbit was off, chased by a dog with a leash and attached poop bag flying behind her. I gently scolded Brynn for not seeing the rabbit before Libbie saw it (again, when will I get my Mom of the Year award?) Then, Brynn, Callie, and I waited patiently on the sidewalk for Libbie to come back. I've learned that there's no sense calling her while she's in the middle of a chase. She might as well be deaf when she's hot on a rabbit's trail.

After about thirty seconds, I heard the jingle of Libbie's tags and called her to come to me. She sprinted toward me with something that looked like a big brown flagstone in her mouth. As she came closer I realized that it wasn't a flagstone she was carrying, it was actually a steak. Yes, a steak. No, not stake, a steak. A t-bone, to be precise. I don't know what kind of goofball leaves a grilled steak sitting in the backyard in the middle of bear territory. That's just asking for trouble, isn't it? I am, of course, making the assumption here that Libbie didn't run into someone's house and steal the piece of meat. I actually don't think she'd be that smart nor that bold.

So I untied the poop bag from Libbie's leash, put the steak in the bag and carried it home where we ate it with some fried eggs for breakfast. No, not really. But if we weren't in the middle of veggie month, I might have considered it. Instead, I tossed Libbie's prize on the front lawn and let her go at it. She made the "kill" and dragged it little hunting dog.

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3boys247 said...

So, Libby doesn't have to follow veggie month? Was Scott jealous?