Sunday, August 17, 2008

A muddy ride

While we were eating lunch this afternoon, Brynn got a call from a friend who wanted to know if Brynn could go on an outing with the friend and her family. When Callie got wind of the plan, she was NOT happy to be left out. For those of you who know Callie, you can imagine what that might mean. In fact, I was on the phone with said friend's mom who thought she might actually be able to hear Callie's screams even if we weren't talking on the phone...that's how loud our little "cutie pie" is.

In order to squelch the screaming, I told her that she could do something special with mommy and daddy. With her signature pout, she told me something to the effect of, "Nothing is that special." Ouch. Hmmm...I had to bring in the heavy hitter. "How about if we go for a pony ride?" Immediate smile. It's amazing how fast that kid can go from all out screams, complete with tears, to overjoyed and giggling.

I quickly called the local stable and set up a pony ride. It costs $10 each time we go (ouch) but at that moment I was willing to pay well more than $10 to make the screaming stop. Plus, she hasn't had a good pony ride since Christmas while at Hilton Head. I figured she was due.

As you can see from the photos, the pony she is on is not exactly a pony. She's actually a full-sized horse named Gaby. You might also notice that the ground was a little like a mud wrestling ring. Today was the first day this week when we've had enough sunshine to dare leaving the house for an outdoor activity -- this many consecutive rainy days is very rare in this part of the world.

Unfortunately I was no stellar photographer today. I was actually very worried that I would slip and bury my camera six inches deep in horse doodoo, tractor grease, and mud. Callie spent most of the time smiling, but somehow I ended up catching this not-so-happy looking face instead of one of her glowing smiles. I only took fifteen shots total. On a dry-dirt day I probably would have shot more like fifty frames.

There's the famous Callie grin!

And here's the new colt at the stable. He was born on August tenth, which means he was only a week old today! He is very cute, although I felt bad for him having to spend his first week in the mud. His stall is bedded down well with straw, but there's still mud soaking through.

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Michael said...

haha! you felt bad he had to spend his first week in mud? my reaction was I felt bad he had to spend his life in a stable and having to be ridden in circles.