Thursday, August 14, 2008

Off to school!

Brynn's first day of school is a REALLY short one (as if half day kindergarten isn't already short enough). They call today "bonding" day. Half of her class is there for the first hour and twenty minutes and then the second half of the class comes in later. There should be plenty of elbow room in her class this morning, giving her a chance to explore her classroom and get to know her teacher a bit.

Yesterday afternoon we headed over to the school so that Brynn could unpack her school supplies and meet her teacher. Afterward was an ice cream social, which led Callie to ask me this morning, "After we drop Brynn off will there be ice cream?"

Brynn on her way to meet her teacher and unpack her school supplies.

Don't you love Callie's rain jacket? It actually was raining a few minutes before we left.

The kids playing Simon Says while the kindergarten teacher talks to the parents.

And here we are...the first day of school! Callie's jumping up and down in front of Brynn, trying to make her laugh.

Can you see her loose tooth? Yikes. The one next to it is pretty loose, too.

Brynn with her teacher and some classmates, ready to go into class.

She tries to keep her cool and not betray any emotions, whether it's excitement or butterflies. I think she looks a little nervous, don't you?

There's little sister, watching the whole first day ritual go down.

At this point, I'm sure Brynn was really ready to go in to class. She'd been standing out there for about ten minutes waiting.

As I was leaving campus, another mom asked me, "Are you a sad kindergarten parent?" My response was, "Sad? No way! What's there to be sad about?" Am I a little emotional? Yes. I also have PMS today. But honestly, I think I went through the whole "my baby's not a baby anymore" on Brynn's fourth birthday. I remember thinking that after the fourth birthday comes the fifth, and by the time a kid turns five she's really not a baby anymore. More than sad, I'm excited for her. She's a strong, smart girl who will enjoy school and will probably do very well both socially and academically. She's well-rounded and, despite my parenting, well-adjusted. I know that there will be bumps along the way -- little boys who pick on her (not that I'd know from firsthand experience, or anything) and little girls who reject her. Hopefully her dad and I can cushion those blows. Although I wish I could protect her from the pain inflicted by the world, I hope that the experiences she's about to have will help her grow into a woman who is smart, savvy, and strong.


Weber said...

Sounds like you both did great!
Congratulations - I would have been the mom crying her eyes out. LOL

Michael said...

Today kindergarten, tomorrow college.

3boys247 said...

And, did she have fun? Is she excited for tomorrow? Are YOU excited for tomorrow?

Alison Francis said...

How looks like she was ready for the big day and you were too. I hope she is enjoying kindergarten. It is such a fun stage to watch them in.

Kate said...

I thought your pics were so cute, I included them on the back-to-school picture post for the Pikes Peak Parent blog. I couldn't resist!

If you'd like the pic removed, however, just let me know.

Hillary Dickman said...

No, that's fine, Kate! Thanks for letting me know.