Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our first, and possibly last, trip to the state fair.

For the first time in my life, I went to a state fair today. It was my kids' first time, too, and Scott's, also, I think. I'm pretty sure I don't need to go to one again, at least, not with my kids in tow. Don't get me wrong -- I really did enjoy checking out the ducks, chickens, rabbits, pigs, pigs, and more pigs. I also liked seeing the horses and chatting with a little boy about his enormous Clydesdale named Fancy. That part was really fun. But, I could do without Callie begging for cotton candy every five minutes and Brynn complaining that she "didn't have any fun today! All I wanted to do was go on a carnival ride" for THREE BUCKS a pop!! Yougottabekidding.

We actually went to the fair not to ride carnival rides, but to watch our former dog, Pip, compete in the 4H obedience contest. You can read more about Pip here, here and here. We wandered around the event hall searching for Pip for a few minutes before Scott spotted her with her handler, Beth. Pip looked exactly the same as she did when I dropped her off at the prison last fall. Gorgeous fur, perfect size, and her tail still stuck between her legs! I introduced myself to Beth (we'd never met but one of the prison trainers had told me all about her) and I proceeded to love on Pip for the next twenty or so minutes. Pip is adored by her new family and is now allowed to do fun things like lick faces, eat people food, and hang out on people's laps and maybe even on the furniture. Her fun new life was apparent right away, as she licked me all over my face -- something I don't remember her doing while at our house. She was cautious around, but not afraid of, Brynn and Callie. She even licked Brynn's face...a lot.

We watched Beth and Pip compete in two parts of the obedience contest. First Pip had to do a sit-stay for about a minute, and then a three minute down-stay. She performed both perfectly. After a long break, Beth and Pip headed back into the ring for some more skills. It was clear during the second part of the competition that Pip is totally attached to Beth and would follow her anywhere. I was so comforted watching them together -- it really was a joy for me.

The rest of the day I could have done without. The whining by my sweet children, the hot, sticky air outside, the lack of vegetarian offerings at the concession stands...I didn't really need that. But, seeing Pip was worth it.

Beth and Pip ready to enter the ring for the second time.

Pip looking to Beth for guidance in the ring.

Beth, Pip and me after the second round of competition.

Callie caught a rainbow trout in the fishing tank. The fishing guy had to reel it in and get it off the line for her.

Proud of her fishing "skills."

Callie milking a cow. Brynn was not interested in participating.
Brynn with Bessie, the cow who Callie milked.

Brynn petting a calf.

Ooh...carnival treats.

Treats we're not allowed to eat for six more days.

Callie munching a "Texas Corndog."

Right after I finished writing this post, Callie brought me Brynn's second baby tooth. Apparently Brynn was tired of it hanging by one string, so she just yanked it out. Hope the toothfairy has correct change...


Michael said...

is "big bubba's bad bbq" happy meat? our state fair is in September I believe, and they have fried everything. Fried 3 muskateers, fried twinkies, friend coca-cola. I am very excited about it.

Also, have you all decided on your first meal in September? For us, it's going to be meaty!

Hillary Dickman said...

I'm going to guess that Big Bubba's does not serve happy meat. Since it wasn't an option, I didn't bother to ask. I have to say, though, that we were both really craving meat. We normally wouldn't consider eating unhappy meat, but I was ready to break. Oh, the smell of the smoker! It was almost too much to take. At this point in the month, I'm happy to say that I am a confirmed omnivore.

For our back-to-real-eating meal I think we'll be having fish. That is what we've missed most. Salmon, seared Ahi, and sushi seem to be what we've been craving most.

Our state fair only had the normal fried things, like funnel cakes and corn dogs. A bit different from the fry-happy South, I guess. They did have some fried Indian (as in, Native American) bread with beans and chili on it, though. It was all too expensive for us -- we only brought like $12 with us. Oops.