Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quote of the day

Once again, I'm surely in the running for Mother of the Year. Why hasn't anyone gotten in touch with me yet? Did they lose my phone number? Just in case they need more proof of my stellar parenting skills, here's a conversation I had today with my three year old:

Mom: Callie, why did you color on your furniture again?
Callie: I don't know. I just like to.
Mom: This house belongs to Mommy and Daddy and when you color on stuff in our house, it's disrespectful. If you keep doing it, maybe I won't want you to live in our house anymore. Then what will you do?
Callie: I think I'll go live with a policeman.
Mom: A policeman? Only really naughty people live with policemen. (In my mind I'm thinking prisoners living with guards, not families living with police officers...just in case you were wondering.)
Callie: Well, then I'd color on his furniture, too.

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Kate said...

Rather that being worst-mother material, I find that exchange down-right hilarious. You have a very witty (and creative, judging from the coloring) daughter.