Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer's almost over.

Summer's almost over. I think I might cry. That Beach Boys song keeps running through my head, you know the one? We've been having fun all summer long...we've been having fun all summer long...bah dum bah dum bah dum...all summer long...Anyway, what makes it worse is that I'm only now realizing the gravity of a certain horrid photographical situation. Here it is: I've taken no photos of my kids in the pool this summer. Okay, I took one of Callie on the last day of swim lessons and then my battery died. And then it started raining and rained and rained and we really haven't been in the pool since. And it's been like two weeks.

Tonight, during a short reprieve from the "soggy" weather (Callie's word, not mine), I rushed the kids to the pool for half an hour of swimming before the pool closed at 7pm (!!!). I wanted to get a little bit of video of Callie jumping off the board and swimming to the wall by herself. Yes, I'm a proud mama! Brynn wasn't even close to this at Callie's age, so I'm thrilled to see Callie so eager to go off the board. We tried to get Brynn to swim some freestyle for the camera, but she said she was "too shy." What she really meant was, "I don't like swimming freestyle, I like swimming breastroke with a freestyle kick but I know you won't let me do that because you're a mean, mean mom who only accepts swimming perfection." And that little voice in her head might be right. I am a mean mom and I do want her to swim her strokes properly and, no, I don't think she's too young to do it right. So there.

Hopefully we'll have some good weather this weekend (please no more rain!) so that we can spend two days hanging out in the water before the snow starts falling in a few weeks. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. The cold is coming, I can feel it in the air already.

Um...and now that you managed to get through that, you deserve to watch the movie. The quality is terrible, so you won't be able to tell who's who. The first kid off the board is Callie. She's wearing a green suit and red goggles. In the next clip you'll see Brynn going off the board in her pink bikini and then swimming into the wall behind her friend Samantha who's in a turquoise suit. Really, they could be anybody's kids. That's how fuzzy it is. Sorry!


3boys247 said...

Good job girls!

Sorry for the short comment, I have to go check and see what is wrong with my phone because I don't recall getting the call that the weather was finally cleared up enough for the Dickmans and Samantha's family to head to the pool. Huh, wonder why I missed that call....

Hillary Dickman said...

Here's some advanced notice...it's supposed to be 80 this afternoon so my children will be skipping their naps and arrive at the pool at 3pm sharp. I may have to take my computer with me, though, as I have a 5pm fantasy football draft to attend.