Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tales from a kindergartener

Listening to Brynn talk about what goes on in her class makes us laugh, makes us worry a little, but mostly makes us glad we're not kindergarten teachers. Saddling any human with the responsibility of not only keeping 25 five year olds safe, but actually teaching them something, is beyond what I can imagine. Here are two stories Brynn shared with us today:

Mom: So, Brynn, you guys had a lockdown drill today, right?
Brynn: Yeah, in music class where there aren't any windows. Some kids were scared but I was okay.
Mom: And then you had a fire drill, too, I heard.
Brynn: No, that was yesterday. Today we had a tornado drill.
Dad: A tornado drill? Where did you go for that?
Brynn: We went out to the far edge of the field and lined up in really straight lines. And we had to be really quiet.
Dad: No, that must have been the fire drill.
Brynn: No, it was the tornado drill. And the tornado kept beeping. It was really loud.


Dad: Who are the two new friends you said you made today?
Brynn: Um, one's name can't remember. Her name is so long I can't ever remember it. But she's really really really really fun.
Dad: Who's the other friend?
Brynn: Um...his name
Dad: Oh, it's a boy?
Mom: Way to go! Boys are cool.
Dad: Is it Louie? (Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)
Brynn: No, Louie's the one who got left on the playground today.
Mom and Dad: WHAT? He got left on the playground?
Mom: How did that happen?
Brynn: Well, we got back to the classroom and one of the cards was still turned down.
Mom: Huh?
Brynn: We turn our namecards over when we leave, and when we come back we turn them back up.
Mom: Oh, so you know if someone's missing.
Dad: Did you guys have to go back and look for him?
Brynn: No, we sent the helper teacher. She went back and found him.
Dad: What, was he stuck in the slide or something?
Brynn: Yeah! He was just stuck in the playground!

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3boys247 said...

And this is where it starts. When they start having a life outside of the one you have given them for the last 5 years. Need wine or a tissue?