Thursday, August 07, 2008

Veggie month, day 7

We're a week into veggie month and, honestly, I have nothing spectacular to report. Other than one catastrophic kale meal, it's really not been difficult. For our first dinner, Scott and I ate out at a restaurant in Manitou Springs known for their awesome vegetarian offerings. It's called Adam's Mountain Cafe and we were thrilled with our meals. I chose their Senegalese veggies over udon noodles (a huge mound of perfectly crisp-tender veggies in peanut sauce) and Scott had orzo with Mediterranean veggies (another huge mound of grape leaves, olives, bell peppers, and who knows what else with feta). Both meals were scrumptious and neither one of us got more than halfway through our plates. For starters, we had curried chickpea pancakes on tahini, then we shared a soup and salad, so by the time we got to our meals, we were already pretty full. Rather than stuffing ourselves (after all, we didn't want to miss out on dessert), we asked for boxes and ate the rest of our entrées the next night. I think Scott assumed that going veggie meant going hungry, but that has definitely not been the case.

Yesterday I made my way downtown to Wooglin's Deli for a veggie sandwich on their house-made walnut wheat bread. It was great, too, and I'm sure Scott and I will be back at Wooglin's several times this month and long after veggie month is over. I have to be honest here, my friend Laura's husband, Ben, sells food to restaurants and has been encouraging me for at least two years to check out Wooglin's. Now I wish it hadn't taken me so long...

I think the only other time we've eaten out was at Chipotle, where we had very tasty veggie burritos. Well, I had a bowl and Scott had a burrito. But, they had the same ingredients: black beans (their pinto beans are not vegetarian, my friend Jen informed us), peppers and onions, rice, guac, salsa, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. Yum.

At home our most successful meals thus far have been a pasta meal (with grilled squash from our CSA and tomatoes from our garden) and frijoles charros over cilantro rice. This time I made the frijoles with roasted tomatoes, and more of them than last time. Tonight I'm going to use the leftovers as the bottom layer of a Mexican pizza. The dough is proofing in the oven right now. In a bit I'll grill up some peppers, onions, and zucchini to top the frijoles and cheese.

Callie's squirting me through the window with a water gun. Oh, what a lucky mom I am!


3boys247 said...

I am glad you FINALLY got into Wooglin's Deli. We seriously love that place and would even if it wasn't one of Ben's biggest accounts.

You have to try the carrot cake! YUM!

Liz said...

What makes the pinto beans at Chipotle not vegetarian?

Hillary Dickman said...

I checked on the Chipotle website and it says that the pinto beans are seasoned with bacon. Yummy...but not allowed this month.