Sunday, August 31, 2008

Veggie month is over...already?

I think I'll continue with veggie month until tomorrow, when it's really over. But, for Scott, veggie month ended yesterday. Why, you ask? Ohhhh...because he passed out and hit his head on the floor. He claims it's the scarcity of protein that caused it. I think he was just tired and stood up too fast. Whatever the reason, while I was in the kitchen making a salad I heard him get up from the sofa to go outside and turn over the corn that we were grilling. I heard the door open and I heard him say quietly, "Ahhhhhhhhh." Then I heard a few loud thumps. I froze. The problem is that Scott is quite the boy who cried wolf. Or, in this case, the man who cried wolf. He often fakes falling down the stairs, tripping over toys, and getting knocked over by the kids. He does it with gusto -- arms flailing, loud sound effects, the works. (Sometimes I think he missed his calling; he should have been a pro soccer player.) So, when I heard the "ahhhhh" and the thumps, I thought, why would he be faking it with no audience around? The kids were asleep upstairs and I was out of sight in the kitchen.

But, sure enough, I looked down into the family room and there he was, sprawled out on the floor with a red bump on his head. I laughed (sorry) and asked, "What happened to you? Did you pass out or are you faking it?" He looked up at me and croaked, "Huh?" As it turns out, he did in fact pass out. That was the end of veggie month for him. He downed two salmon burgers and a bunch of salad for dinner, along with a few of Bristol Brewing Company's new limited time brew, Cheyenne Cañon Piñon Nut Brown Ale. I expect the new brew to win many awards at Denver's Great American Beer festival this fall, including Brew with the Longest Name, Best Brew with Consecutive Tildas, and maybe Best Brew Who's Proceeds Go to a Good Cause. Yum.


Michael said...

that's weird... cuz on thursday i was playing in a soccer game and had to come out with 5 minutes left because i was dizzy and was seeing black spots. i'll also mention i ran 7 miles before the game so my exhaustion had to have something to do with it.

Liz and i are going to a bar tonight and when the clock strikes midnight, we're ordering wings. I know they aren't happy, but im craving wings.

Hillary Dickman said...

Can't blame you for ordering unhappy wings. That's one negative consequence of this month...I'm much more likely to order unhappy meat at this point, just because I want meat. Tomorrow I'm going to have an unhappy burger at our pool Labor Day party. Sigh.

Stacy said...

You guys need to get some iron. This from the one who is known to pass out anywhere, anytime. To celebrate your veggie month eat some yummy beef to increase your iron. Be careful though- those wings and any other meat you eat in the next few days might make you icky! (Been there too!)

Congrats on veggie month! I hope you all got some good recipes to add to your regular diet! :)