Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brine? Brain? No! Her name is Brynn!

As Brynn was going to sleep tonight, she told Scott this entertaining story:

Today, Brynn's school librarian was apparently asking her how well she colors. First the librarian addressed Brynn this way, "Brine, are you good at coloring?" Brynn says she responded by looking at the librarian with a goofy, screwed up face. "Huh?" Brynn asked. So the librarian repeated herself, sort of. "Brain, do you color well?" At this point in the story, Scott interrupted Brynn to ask, "So, did you correct her?" Brynn's reply? "No, I didn't have to. All the kids around me shouted, 'Her name is BRYNN!'" I'm happy to know that at least Brynn's classmates know her name.

Here's my question...since I call Brynn "Brynnie," does this mean that now I can get away with calling her "Brainy?"


Grandma D said...

Oh Brynnie! I get so upset when your Great Grandpa calls you Brine. It really irritates me! You have a beautiful name and you as such a Brynn!!

3boys247 said...

It is a beautiful name, poor Mrs. H must have been having a bad day, I bet she never gets it wrong again! BTW, have you seen the names on the class lists lately? Brynn looks easy compared to many of them.