Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is just TOO much.

While I respect most of the work that PETA does, I have to say, this time they've gone too far. This is CRAZY. Here's a link to an article about how PETA wants Ben and Jerry's to switch from using cow milk in their ice cream to...no, not sheep milk. Not goat milk. Human milk. Yes, you read that right.

Human milk.

In ice cream.

Okay, let me take a deep breath before I go off.

Inhale. Aaaaand, exhale.

When I was failing at nursing and my babies (yes, both of them) were losing weight because of my ridiculously meager milk supply, I couldn't buy/borrow/steal human milk to FEED TO MY BABIES. I had to buy the powdered crap from Target because there was no other option for keeping my babies alive. Why in the world, when there are moms who have to buy powdered formula instead of feeding their babies the real stuff, would we use human milk in ice cream?? Doesn't that seem like a waste of human milk? Not to mention that the milk would probably be boiled to death just to make the ice cream, losing all of the value that it previously had.

I believe that PETA's point is that dairy cows are mistreated. And I agree with them. I think cows deserve to be treated well. I believe that so strongly that I buy raw milk from a very small local farm whose cows are treated like freakin' princesses. I don't eat factory farmed meat. I eat eggs from pastured chickens who get to eat worms and bugs and bruised organic kale in between hourly dust baths. I just bought half a pig from a local farmer whose pigs get to roam around in the open, rolling in the mud and frolicking in the sun. I am an animal rights fighter, yes I am. But, please, breast milk in ice cream? I really can't get over my disbelief.

Here's my idea: instead of using human milk in ice cream, how about if lactating women who want to make some extra money pump their milk and let moms who can't make milk buy this apparently abundant supply of breast milk? I've heard of milk banks for babies who are struggling to survive, but I've never heard of breast milk being readily available to normal babies. If I still had babies in my house, I'd be sending PETA a letter asking where they plan to find all of this breast milk, and asking them to send me the contact information for these human fountains of liquid gold. Screw Ben and Jerry -- I'd buy the milk for my babies.


Court said...

I see all the women lined up like cows donating milk. :) Can you imagine the amount of women that they would need to do this since cows can produce gallons of milk a day. I guess it could be a good job for SAHM, but doubt it would pay well! And I wonder about the people who would buy it. Crazy PETA!


Stacy said...

I don't understand this either. Too often new moms choose not to nurse their own babies! I can't imagine having moms sell their milk while feeding their infants powdered formula... as we all know would be a result.

3boys247 said...

That would be enought to make me give up ice cream and I really don't want that to happen.