Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This is why we only buy beef from local ranchers.

No, not even from Whole Foods. This is why.


Michael said...

our whole foods has a local grass-fed section of the meats that is only meat from North Carolina ranchers... i assume that's OK.

Hillary Dickman said...

Oh, yeah. Sorry, Whole Foods! Yikes, I forgot about that. Our store has the same section -- about one eighth of the total beef section is grassfed and local. Ours comes from Lasiter Ranch (available nationwide through their website) and is really good stuff, but pricey.

Michael said...

it's amazing the difference between the two sections. the meat that is grass-fed is dark red and hardly any little white lines of fat and then the corn-fed has tons of thick white lines of fat and just doesn't look as appetizing. Our grass-fed beef isn't too pricey though when compared to the other meat they have. For the best meat, at most, maybe a dollar more.