Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What kind of garbage is in my blood?

This is the question Brynn asked me today. You see, a few years ago Brynn and I participated in a study run by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They tested our blood for toxins from fire-retardant materials like what's in our sofa and in the padding under our carpet. Brynn's toxicity level was much higher than mine which was, I think, a predictable result.

Every once in a while, Brynn will ask me about the study. Maybe she was traumatized by the two viles of blood they took out of her. Her question today reminded me that I should tell you about the study, as the findings are (finally) being released tomorrow and will be reported in the local and national media, including on the Today Show (sorry, fans of Good Morning America) at about 9:15AM. If Ann Curry does the story I might not be able to watch. Anyway, if you are around a television tomorrow morning or if you have access to Tivo, you might want to catch that segment. Once the results are officially released, you will be able to access the details of the study at the EWG's website. For now, they're only available to a select few (including yours truly). I can tell you that our results are accompanied by a cute photo of us! Or, at least Brynn looks cute.

Update: here's a link to the Today Show segment, and a link to more information about the study.


Court said...

Wow! You guys are famous! I did catch the Today show. (Funny they had a report from Winnetka, IL a few minutes later!) Seemed like a a pretty small study. I wonder what was different in lifestyle/home between the kids with 1.3 and kids with 6.6? But I guess that would be a follow up study.

Hillary Dickman said...

I would guess that kids with lower levels of PBDEs in their blood come from a home where someone dusts and vacuums regularly and where the kids wash their hands regularly. We wash our hands a lot, but not much dusting happens here.

So, did you catch the New Kids on the Block summer concert on the Today Show?? That was DEFINITELY the best part of the show today. How lucky that I Tivo'd it!!