Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are they really this big??

So, you know that Callie (3 1/2 years old) just moved into a size five slim jean. I was astonished by that. I knew she was tall but, still. Then, this weekend, I finally broke down and took Brynn shopping for pants. Her size five pants are all a few inches too short on her, but since she resists wearing them, I figured I'd just let it go. She'd much rather be in a skirt or dress. But, with the cold weather here she seems to have discovered the benefits of wearing pants for the walk to school and I just couldn't stand seeing her in high waters. Off to Old Navy we went. We took an array of sizes into the dressing room...size six, size six slim, and size seven slim. I really thought she'd be in a regular old six. And, truthfully, the size six fit her perfectly. But I knew they'd be like high waters in a few weeks. The size sevens were too baggy. So we settled on seven slims.

How is it possible that BOTH of my children are wearing slims?? I NEVER wore a slim ANYTHING. Maybe a narrow shoe at one time, but even that didn't last long...

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