Friday, October 10, 2008

Chillax, people.

So at first glance, I thought this panicked trader was flipping me off. Funny, since the article where the photo is posted is about how investors need to chill out. Maybe he's flipping me off because I've taken my life savings out of the stock market. Oh, except he's not flipping me off. And I haven't taken any money out. It's not my fault, dude, so quit fake flipping me off!

In fact, we've put a bunch of cash into a Vanguard money market account (which has a remarkably good interest rate, thank you Nick) where it will be easily accessible for investing in the near future. Because you gotta know, when the market hits bottom (maybe a few months after the election?) we want to be ready to invest.

In the meantime, our life savings is about half of what it was this time last year. Okay, it's not that bad. I'm exaggerating. Although not by much. But, I am thinking about our six-month-long around-the-world-trip that we were hoping to take about seven years from now. At this point I'm wondering how that trip will ever be a reality since the money for it is quickly disappearing. I figured that since we don't need the money for more than five years, it would be okay to leave it in the market. I mean, that's the rule of thumb, right? More than five years, leave it in the market. Under five years, put it in a money market account. Oops. So much for that rule of thumb. Seven years from now we might still have less than we had a year ago. Maybe we'll do the trip in ten years.

Sigh. No seriously, Libbie and I just sighed at the same time. I think she can read my mind. I love dogs. Maybe she's sighing because she thinks the market will be back up by 2015 and she doesn't want to be left here without us for six months. Oh, Libbie. I love your optimistic canine logic.


Michael said...

is that guy not a dead ringer for Chris Kattan?!?!? I thought it was from an SNL skit at first...

Hillary Dickman said...

Funny, Scott said the same thing! That he thought it was an SNL skit at first.