Friday, October 03, 2008

Dear Mr. Burton

Dear Mr. Burton of Burton Snowboards,

I used to think you were a hero. The founder of the sport of snowboarding, an innovative and successful entrepreneur. That ended about five minutes ago. Five minutes ago my husband said, "Oh, honey, you're not going to be happy about this."

"About what?" I asked. "Are more farm animals being abused by slaughterhouse workers?"

"'re not going to be happy," he replied. "Here, watch this CNN video."

What I saw on that video, Mr. Burton, is proof of the demise of our society. Proof that even a perfectly good sport like snowboarding can be trashed by people like you. You, the inventor, have trashed your own sport. What I saw on that video was your new line of snowboards featuring photos of provocatively-posed undressed women.

While I applaud you for making this a limited-edition line (I'm sure that is so that you can make more money per board, not because you want fewer of these disgusting boards on the slopes), I am disappointed that you will be manufacturing any of these boards at all.

My five and three year old daughters ski. What would you recommend I tell them when they ask (and they will), "Why isn't the lady in that picture wearing any clothes?" Or maybe they'll ask, "Why doesn't your body look like that, Mom?" It's possible they'll just stare at the photos, tuck the images away in their little memories, and then when they hit puberty and they are feeling especially uncomfortable, they'll compare themselves to those images over and over again. I'm sure that will make my girls feel awesome.

Then there are the boys out on the slopes. The boys who will see those images and expect their wives and girlfriends to look the same. The boys who, with their interest now piqued, will go seek out similar images on the internet. The boys who will grow up to be men with pornography additions, one of the most rampant and destructive addictions in our culture right now. An addiction that tears at the seams of our nation's families.

Why would you want to take a sport as innocent as snowboarding and turn it into a jumping off point for pornographic addictions and eating disorders? I already have to monitor my kids' movie watching, their tv watching, their internet time. I have to be sure we're not driving behind someone in an SUV with a DVD player showing violent or explicit movies. I take different routes rather than follow the Ford F-350s with sketches of unclothed angelic and demonic women stuck to their tinted windows. Not even the famous women's underwear catalog graces my mailbox, lest my daughters have their self-images accosted. Now what? I have to stop skiing? I have to make sure my children are not in a lift line next to some lame twenty year old boy who has one of your new boards?

When I finished watching that CNN video, my husband said, "I'm glad I showed it to you so you won't yell at some poor kid in line with his naked lady board." After being with me for nine years, is that really all he thinks I'll do? After all this time I would think he knows me better than that. Here was my reply: "Yeah, that was really thoughtful of you. Thanks for preparing me. I won't yell at him. I'll take off my ski and swing it at his stupid head." If he's wearing a helmet, I'll be sure to swing it somewhere else.

You make me sick.

A really pissed-off mother


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