Monday, October 20, 2008

Free books.

I sometimes wonder why out-of-town friends don't share my enthusiasm for libraries. While talking to Scott about this, he opened up our local paper, The Gazette, and said, "It's because we have an exceptionally good library." I chuckled until he said, "See, look at this article." Apparently he's right.

The best thing about our library is that it's within walking distance of our house. The second best thing is that we can order books online and they show up at our branch a few days later. How's that for convenience? But my very favorite thing about the library? The books are FREE! Oh, wait...that's what libraries are all about. What a sweet deal.

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Kate said...

I absolutely agree. I don't know what I'd do without the PPLD. In fact, I use their online ordering system all the time because I love running in, finding everything I want on the reserve shelf and running out, if I'm in a hurry. Sometimes I feel like I should tip the librarians, so excellent is that service.