Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am endorsing...

not a political candidate. I still haven't found one I like. I'm endorsing a product, one that seems to be changing my life. Drum roll,'s Invisible Fence!

We first started considering having the fence installed this summer, right around the time that Libbie nearly lost a pawpad to a neighbor's metal landscape edging. She loves to run free in our yard, but she also loves to have the run of the neighborhood which is, in our neighborhood, just irresponsible. She might poop in a neighbor's yard, she might get hit by a car, she might eat someone's steak. You never know. If we lived out in the country, it might be a different story. But, alas, this is the yard she's stuck with for the rest of her life. And it's not really a fenceable yard.

Libbie after her run-in with landscape edging.

So we turned to Invisible Fence. For a while we were too cheap and didn't want to put up the cash. And then one day Libbie jumped out of the back of my car and took off out of our yard and into the open space. I just couldn't take it anymore. That night I told Scott, "I'm calling the Invisible Fence guy. It's time." Wouldn't you know it, the installation guy was out here two days later burying the wire. By that afternoon Libbie was starting her conditioning with a portable version of the fence inside our house, getting zapped each time she got too close to the unit (which was marked with the same flags that now correspond to the fence buried in our yard). Scott, Brynn, and I all shocked ourselves with Libbie's collar, just to see how much it actually hurt. Callie was offered the same opportunity but declined. She's no dummy.

So now here we are, about three weeks later, and Libbie is nearly finished with her Invisible Fence conditioning. I can let her outside and actually take my eyes off of her for a minute and she stays in the yard. In fact, I can take my eyes off of her for half an hour and she stays in the yard! Even when there are deer in her line of sight! Yahoo!! I can't express how happy this makes me. What I'm really looking forward to is the first big snow. Libbie LOVES running in the snow and I can't wait to see the joy on her face as she sprints around our snowy yard.

When we first tried letting her off leash in the Invisibly Fenced yard, she ran right through the fence out to the open space. The trainer said, "Um, did you tell me that she has some Husky in her?" "Yeah," I said, "we think she's maybe a third Husky." "Oh, right," he replied, "Huskies usually aren't allowed off leash in the system until their third week. They're so stubborn and independent and they like to bolt and take themselves for a run." He described Libbie better than I could have. Those traits were why I initially wondered whether or not the Invisible Fence system would work for her. So the trainer increased the voltage on Libbie's shock collar and took away the time delay between the tone that Libbie associates with the shock and the shock itself. Now if she gets into the fence's buzz zone, she gets a shock that really gets her attention, not just one that says, "Oh, Libbie, now you know you're not really supposed to be here, sweetheart!" This shock says, "LIBBIE, GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!" And it seems to work. So now the dog is safe. The deer are safe. The bunnies are safe. And we're all feeling quite...happy.


Laureen said...

That's great! Libby will love running around without a leash.

Hillary Dickman said...

She does. And she loves laying out in the sun without a leash, too. And I'm happy that now when it's freezing outside I can send her out to do her business without actually accompanying her.