Friday, October 17, 2008

Officially an espresso drinker

After confirming that my husband really does like espresso, I thought it was high time to make it official. We already have an old-fashioned stove top espresso maker, which I love for my morning and/or afternoon lattes. We just didn't have the proper mugs from which to drink espresso on its own. Espresso really requires miniature mugs, and for a couple of reasons. First, you don't want your espresso to get cold too fast, but with all of the surface area of a large coffee mug, it cools off within just a few minutes. Second, you REALLY don't want to be tempted to fill a large coffee mug with espresso. That might send you to the hospital on caffeine overload.

I'm stoked about Scott's new appreciation for espresso. I should have known it would happen eventually...he's always loved miniature things. Miniature cars, miniature football helmets, miniature backpacking stoves, miniature headlamps...he even liked the miniature horses he saw at the farm last weekend. He's always happy when surrounded by miniature things. Now we can add this to the list: his own set of miniature mugs just for espresso. A happy (non-Chinese made) purchase from Crate and Barrel, fresh out of their bubble wrap, here they are:


Laureen said...

I didn't know that Scott likes miniature things! I love tiny things, he must have gotten that trait from me. haha
Love the set of espresso mugs.

Michael said...

i think Scott and I are more alike than even we know... the only thing I like from Starbucks is a double chocolate milkshake... maybe we'll buy an espresso machine in a few years... but id also have to come a long way.