Sunday, October 12, 2008

What in the world is going on?

It's six twenty five in the morning.

Scott just walked upstairs to tell the girls to get back in bed. They were chatting at the desk in the loft. When Scott got there, Brynn broke the news:

"Callie peed in my bed."

"What? Callie, go to the bathroom."

"But I already peed in my bed, Dad."

Huh? Yes, Callie peed in her bed. Then she ran to her sister's room and peed in her sister's bed. Then she ran out to the desk to color. Like it was no big deal.

In case you were wondering what to get us for Christmas, we're in need of an extra set of waterproof mattress pads. Twin size.


Michael said...

haha!! was there any explanation?

Hillary Dickman said...

No. Nothing at all. I don't know if we've ever heard an explanation for surprise pees.

She did help strip both beds, though. That's a first.

amber said...

*lol* I needed a good laugh today! Kids are such a mystery sometimes. We've noticed that right around a full moon, we all have funny dreams and that both girls talk in their sleep. Maybe the full moon made her do it?