Thursday, October 02, 2008

You've come a long way, buddy.

That's my husband.

Drinking espresso.

No sugar, no cream, no milk. Just plain espresso. With lemon peel.

My husband who, the first time he walked into Starbucks, had to be pleaded with by my mother to order anything at all. He ordered a sucker. He says it's the most expensive sucker he's ever eaten. He said the smell of coffee was so repulsive he almost had to walk out of the store. That was eight and a half years ago. A few months after his first Starbucks experience, he fought my mom and me tooth and nail for a lemon poppyseed layer on our wedding cake. He refused to eat chocolate wedding cake, or any other kind of chocolate cake for that matter. And brownies? The thought alone sent him running to the grocery store for Skittles and a bag of Doritos.

Lately he's been eating bittersweet chocolate chips straight from the bag. Tonight he ate dark chocolate beet cake with his espresso.

Yes, I'd say he's come a long way.


Mom said...

That's funny. I have made a lot of cakes in my time, but I never once made a chocolate cake for the kids birthdays. They always wanted some other kind of flavor. If I remember, Scott always liked the lemon, orange, or spice cakes. I also never made them hot chocolate. None of the kids ever drank anything hot, even in the winter. By the way, I love seeing a picture of Scott!!!!

Kate said...

My husband is the same. The first time I made him dinner, he brought white zin. Now he can get into anything but Pinot Noir. Other additions: goat cheese, kale, soy meat products, etc. The only food items left to go are olives and cauliflower.

Here's to the broadening of the palate!

Hillary Dickman said...

I don't think we'll ever agree on olives. Scott only eats the black ones from the can. No Kalamata, no Spanish. Callie (my three year old) and I go crazy for Whole Foods' garlic-marinated Spanish olives. She'd eat about ten of them at a sitting if I'd let her. Scott will never do that. Although, I never thought he'd drink espresso, either...