Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brynn's snowman and canine PTSD

Pretty good snowman for a six year old. Okay, maybe she had some help from dad. Notice how Libbie is checking out Mr. Snowman. This is right next to where the buck attacked her.

Brynn's always thrilled when she gets a chance to build a snowman. It's one of her FAVORITE activities. Callie opted to stay inside. Notice Libbie's tilted head. She's been favoring her right side, the side with the shredded ear.

Normally Libbie smiles. Not lately. Maybe she knows she looks silly with her messed up ear sticking out. Or maybe she's sad. Or scared.

Even her big sister, Callie, can't cheer her up.

A view of the stitches.

So sad. She's been hiding under the dining room table lately. And she doesn't like to go outside without me. Hopefully she'll improve with time. And, like Scott said, she's probably in pain. Maybe that's the reason for the sad face.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, these snowman pictures make me so homesick for Colorado! I miss the SNOW!!