Thursday, November 13, 2008

I admit it. I'm a hoarder.

This morning I saw this post, written by a fellow Grant Farms CSA shareholder. I love how she extols the virtues of the misunderstood egg; I truly believe that eggs (especially GOOD ones) are much healthier for us than we've been taught. See her post for more on that, or check out the book Real Food by Nina Planck. It was also a comforting post to read because it let me know that I've got company. You see, I've grown very attached to the eggs delivered by my CSA. And I know the CSA season is coming to an end. And one of my shareholders keeps failing to pick up her CSA share which, as it turns out, means that she is enabling my hoarding problem. I don't hoard pets, I don't hoard clothes, I don't have piles of junk lying around my house. But, please, don't open my refrigerator. I hoard eggs.

Yes, it's true.

I don't hoard all eggs, though. Just good ones. And, fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective), my CSA delivers several dozen beautiful eggs to my house every week -- one dozen for me and the rest for my shareholders. Scott picks out our share, making sure to get the box with the most turquoise eggs, because he knows those are my favorite (really, it's the little things that keep a marriage happy). And then the next morning I check the cooler to see if anyone failed to pick up their share. And sometimes there's a dozen. Once in a while, two dozen. Ha ha!! Imagine my delight! But, really...look at these eggs! If you were in my situation, you'd hoard them too. Because the thought of the season's final delivery makes me shudder.

I'm pretty good at giving away forgotten veggies. When people don't come get their share, one of my neighbors usually gets a free box of veggies for the week. But I'm not so generous with the eggs. I am proud of myself, though...I did give a dozen to my friend Laura last night. I hope she knows what a sacrifice it was!

So I've admitted it. I'm a hoarder. Now here are my justifications. Going back to buying eggs in a grocery store will, I fear, cause me to have a breakdown. And eggs as fresh as the ones in my fridge last a while. The holidays are coming. I go through a lot of eggs in a regular week, but when I'm making pies, custards, cookies, and special breakfasts, I go through even more. These eggs will get eaten, probably soon. And I worked hard for my CSA this year, taking care of my shareholders and adopting unwanted veggies. These eggs are my reward, and let me tell you, they make being a CSA host worth the effort!


3boys247 said...

I really do appreciate the sacrifice.

I promise to use the eggs to cook and bake to the best of my ability. I promise not to carry too many from the fridge and risk droppage. I promise to use them for good and not bad, no egging the homes of neighbors or egg hoarders.

Hillary Dickman said...

Laura, thank you for that good laugh. You are too funny.

Susi said...

you deserve every one of them! :) Let me know where you get your eggs after you run out of the 'super-kind'!

Hillary Dickman said...

Thanks, Susi! If I don't pass out in the aisle, I will probably go back to getting the Cyd's Nest Fresh 18-pack at Costco. Our milk farm offers great eggs year-round, but even eggs aren't worth driving halfway to Kansas.

Cyd's aren't perfect but they're the best industrial-scale eggs I've found...I think.