Monday, November 10, 2008

My Hero's 6th Birthday Party

This is the second year in a row that Brynn has chosen not to accept presents from her friends on her birthday. Just like last year, I offered her the option of inviting a few friends and letting them give her presents or inviting as many friends as she wants and giving the presents away. Again she chose to invite as many friends as she wants and give the presents away.

Her party actually hasn't happened yet -- it will be next Sunday afternoon. I just can't stop thinking about it, though. This week will be full of pre-party preparation and excitement and will end with the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center receiving a donation of baby clothes and other items to add to their baby boutique. You see, Brynn's friends have been asked to bring items to donate to the Life Steps program run by the Pregnancy Center. This program offers education, training, and counseling to parents who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and who usually can't afford to purchase everything they need for their baby. As the parents attend classes, complete their homework, and meet with their Life Steps coach, they earn baby bucks to use in the baby boutique. All of the items in the boutique are donated by friends of the Pregnancy Center. What a great way to help young men and women learn how to be great parents and at the same time meet their material needs!

Brynn is looking forward to opening the baby gifts that her friends bring. I have a feeling her expressions will show the same amount of excitement as if the gifts were for her. After all, for a six year old the best part of getting presents is ripping through the paper to see what's inside, isn't it?

There are so many things I love about the fact that Brynn has chosen to celebrate her birthday this way. One is that it shows how much she values her friends. She loves her friends more than she loves the stuff they might give her. I also appreciate that she recognizes that other people have needs that are greater than her own and that she is willing to give of herself to help meet those needs. Lastly, I am thrilled that she is willing to lead by example, giving her friends an opportunity to give something away and learn the value of helping others.

Brynn is full of life, crazy smart, and beautiful. But best of all, she's got a heart for helping people. As her mom, I couldn't hope for anything more.

Brynn's most recent self-portrait.


Grandma D said...

We, as Grandparents, couldn't be more proud of Brynn!!! Such a blessed child. Let me also say, she has wonderful parents!! You and Scott are a great influence in her life. Such a sweet little person to be proud of and very thankful for!! Wish I could be at her birthday party. Last year put tears in my eyes and this year will be just as special!

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