Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party on.

Brynn's 6th birthday party this afternoon was a success! We had thirteen kids over and, thankfully, we were blessed with incredible weather today so all thirteen kids got to spend the entire two hours outside! In November! They made their own pizzas, decorated cookies, and ran screaming (not exaggerating) around our yard. My friend Laura was there to help keep things under control and Scott recorded the Bronco game so that he was able to devote his full attention to the party. I'm pretty sure a six year old's birthday party could not run smoothly without at least three involved adults there.

During the party, I found out that Libbie will attack if she thinks someone is hurting Brynn (good but not so good during a birthday party) and that Brynn can eat a personal sized pizza faster than any of her friends. I also learned that, despite their young age, the kids who were here today have genuine friendships with each other. Scott and I saw a few really sweet instances of sharing, empathy, and comforting which was surprising and really fun to watch. Like, during present-opening when one of the boys looked over at one of the girls and said, "If I were making a card for you, it would say, 'You rock'." She responded with a huge grin and a hug. How adorable! Then there was the sharing of the coveted blue cookie icing. Apparently I should have bought six blue icings because the blue was in high demand. To my delight, the kids waited patiently, asked politely, and managed to remember who was next in line for the blue icing. During present opening, one of the little girls was getting pretty sad that her present hadn't been opened yet. With thirteen kids, present-opening can take a while. I whispered into Brynn's ear, "I think Maggie's sad because you haven't opened her present yet," and then I backed off and watched what would happen. Sure enough, Brynn finished the present she was working on and then looked this little girl in the eye and asked in her sweetest voice, "Maggie, can I open your present now?"

Observing all of this gentle, sweet behavior was so encouraging to me. I honestly can't believe how quickly these kids have made the leap from selfish, self-absorbed toddlers to thoughtful kindergarteners. The combination of their innocence and their concern for other people is really inspiring to me.

Although it was a pretty busy party with little time for photos, I managed to take a few. Here is a link to those. My photos of other kids' parties usually end up being much better than the photos of my own kids' parties. While I was in college I worked many weekends taking party pics at fraternity and sorority functions. I think I'm ready to start renting myself out to little kids' birthday parties -- all the fun, none of the nasty smells.

Brynn's 6th birthday party


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too cute!! happy b-day, brynn!

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