Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ballet, etc.

Brynn and Callie both had mini-recitals this week in their ballet classes. They each performed one dance, twice, wearing sort-of-costumes. Not the kind of costumes you have to pay $40 a piece for (like the ones I just bought for their real recital in May), but free ones that were enough for the girls to get excited about wearing something different, something special.

Callie did pretty much what I expected during her dances. She followed along and did most of what she was supposed to do, but did it while looking at us with a big goofy grin on her face. Brynn, on the other hand, paid attention to her teacher, never looked at us, and did it with complete seriousness. Sound like anyone you know? Right -- BOTH of her parents as six year olds would have done the same. Brynn's dance ability has improved unbelievably in the past year; it's improved markedly even within the past three months. It's amazing to me the grace, the posture, the control, and the poise she seems to be developing. Her instructor even mentioned it to me after the show today. "Doesn't Brynn look great?" she asked. Um, yeah. I never would have thought, not in a million years, that my ten pound baby might be a coordinated and graceful dancer. Just don't throw a ball at her. Not yet, anyway.

We also had the pleasure of watching Callie's preschool Christmas show today. Callie, being the unpredictable, semi-flighty, sort of careless yet totally tuned-in girl who she is, decided not to participate in the show. She was up there on the risers (center of the back row for the tallest kid in the school, of course) and did not sing a note. She did not participate in any of the hand gestures and not once did she speak the right words on cue. She did, however, stick her tongue out like a lizard and make up her own words to the songs and whisper them while alternating between grins, frowns, and shy faces. She's stubborn, and she's crazy, and she's silly, and, really...she's the life of the party. Um, when she's in a good mood, that is. When she's not, you'd best stay out of her way.

Below is a link to some photos from both ballet shows as well as Callie's Christmas show. Oh, and we went to the Broadmoor last night for our First Annual Pre-Christmas Dress Up Dinner (so named by my creative husband). The girls enjoyed wearing their cute Christmas dresses (care of my mama) and running around the Broadmoor's lighted trees. Oh, right, and eating dinner at the Golden Bee. Yum.

Christmas shows & The Broadmoor


Anonymous said...

Soooo cute! I'm dying for the day when I can put my baby in dance classes... just for the outfits!!

Grandma said...

Oh, how cute!! I wish I could have watched them perform.