Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas fun.

I love the feeling I get when my house is decorated for Christmas. I love leaving Christmas music playing all day. I love the daily homemade eggnog lattes that I allow myself during this season. I love the spicy, citrusy smell of mulling spices on my stove. I love cinnamon pillar candles, even when my husband blows their cranberry wax all over my walls. I love the comfort of a fire crackling in my fireplace. I love color-coordinating the paper on the presents under my tree and arranging the presents so that they look like an illustration in a children's book. I love savoring rich, wintery desserts. I love making candy and sharing it with friends and teachers.

I especially love that this year my super duper husband put lights on the front of the house for me. He rocks.

Libbie holding down the fort.

She's quite the guard dog...even with her invisible fence collar holding her back. Notice the snow on her muzzle. She loves to bury bones in the snow and then dig them out and toss them around.

Grandma was here visiting this week, lucky grandgirls!


Mberenis said...
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3boys247 said...

The house looks great. When can Scott come finish our lights? My husband has run out of steam for the project.

Are you reading this Ben? Finish the darn lights.

Our house looks so sad!