Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy anniversary!

Scott and I celebrated our eighth anniversary on December 29th while traveling from Colorado to Puerto Vallarta. This was the first year that I told our kids about our anniversary, and anniversaries in general. I figured that Brynn is old enough to begin to appreciate marriage as something to celebrate, to protect, and to cheer for. Being the sweet, sensitive, and wedding-focused girl that she is, she took the hint and made us this adorable card.

It says (or, is supposed to say), "Dear Mommy and Daddy, Have a wedding party. Love, Brynn and Callie." Why she spelled her name with only one "n" is beyond me. I especially love the drawing of me with my veil flying behind me. Seriously, the girl's got talent. And, maybe she's spent too much time checking out photographers' blogs with me. She knows how a bride is supposed to look. She loves to sit with me and look at other people's wedding photos. Yes, weddings of people we've never met. We like photography. And pretty dresses. And rings. And flowers. Especially flowers. And flare, as in the photographic kind. Plus she's been in three, going on four, weddings. Her own wedding will, I'm certain, be a spectacular occasion. But, for now, I'm proud that she's celebrating ours!

One other photo to share with you, just to give you an idea of how incredibly exciting our afternoons are here in Punta Mita...this is not just Scott napping, this is Scott napping on a bare tile floor. Can you imagine how tired one must be to be able to sleep on such a surface?

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lucythevaliant said...

Ooh, happy anniversary! what a fun trip!