Monday, December 01, 2008

The Hunt

Most of you don't know this, but there is a community in Colorado called South Main and I long to live there. It's a brand-spanking-new New Urbanist development in the town of Buena Vista and it's right on the Arkansas River just a few miles from the Collegiate Peaks. Someday, when my kids' schooling and my husband's job are not part of the equation, maybe I will respond to that longing and move in. Until then, I stalk them. I have a postcard sketch of the community on the wall above my desk. I receive their monthly newsletters via email and read every word. I even read the kayak team's blog. I've walked the dusty new streets of South Main and stared in wonder at the piles of river rock everywhere that they've pulled from the ground and are now using to build houses, streets, and walls. When Scott and I look at the houses for sale in South Main, my heart races...yes, I'm in love. Or I'm obsessed. Or something.

Anyway, this month's newsletter included an article that convinced me that South Main is my spot. As if I wasn't already convinced. I mean, the farmer's markets, the river park out the back door, the wilderness right down the road...I could live there and love it. But when I read the article about The Hunt, I knew that what I'm feeling for this city isn't just infatuation. The article is a better explanation of my recently re-thought views of hunting than I could write myself. I used to abhor hunting. I saw big dumb men posing with big dumb guns holding up deer with big antlers and then dragging the deer to the platform hanging off of their big dumb trucks and driving them back to Kansas City. I thought it was for neanderthals. I don't even shop at Wal-Mart, how could I possibly hunt? Or approve of it? I thought I was too sophisticated. Why hunt when one can buy meat at a supermarket? Last January, Michael Pollan changed my mind. I'm evolving, but it seems like de-evolving. What's that called? The opposite of evolution is...? Devolution? Anyway, I'm changing slowly, but I think I'm making my way toward hunting.

Enough of my nonsense. Just read the article.


Dustin said...

Hey Hillary,

Very cool to come across your post and I'm thrilled that you like "The Hunt" so much. I was very happy with the article, but really Bobby is the amazing subject. Not sure when you were last able to visit South Main, but it's come a long way... we a have a brewpub, a couple new shops and lots of new buildings. Anyhow, come say hi next time you're here! All the best to you and your cute family,

Dustin Urban

PS- the South Main Kayak Team blog isn't so much updated any more, but we do have a new blog you can check out here:

Hillary said...

Hey, Dustin! I noticed that the kayak blog hasn't been updated much lately! But, I've been following the rest of the South Main news. And we've eaten at Eddyline a few too many's excellent.

We came through BV several times this winter on our way too and from Cooper. My kids love the boulders you guys put in! Keep up the great work. South Main is an amazing community.