Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kermit was singing behind me

I thought I was in the presence of greatness this morning at church when I heard Kermit the Frog singing behind me. In the middle of a worship tune, he sneaked up on me and started singing. (Check out this link and this one in case you're interested in the grammatical rules pertaining to sneaked vs. snuck.)

Yes, Kermit. Croaking behind me during worship.

I was sure it was him. Positive. I was glowing! Smiling! Totally distracted! Finally, a chance to meet Kermy! What does a passionate person say to a frog who is the voice of reason? I had a few songs to figure it out. But when it was time to greet our neighbors, I just about fell off my lily pad.

There was no diminutive, green, singing frog behind me. I even looked down to see if he was just too short see over my row of chairs. No, not there either. Just a big, middle aged man with a beard who looked at me oddly after watching me search the floor at his feet. "Hello," he said. The word came from the back of his throat. "Nice to meet you," he croaked. He even told me his name, but I was so distracted and distraught, I can't remember what it was.

Sigh. All of that excitement about meeting Kermit. All of that precious time wasted thinking about how I would greet him and what I would say. All of those moments of worship missed.

When the band started up again I tried, I really tried, to block out the sound of the Kermit impersonator. I so wanted to channel my thoughts. We'd just taken communion and I was ready to commune. The body, the blood...I wanted to feel it. I wanted to focus. The more Kermit's evil twin sang, the more I realized that there would be no communing today. No channeling my thoughts. Just disappointment and frustration. And eagerness to be done with worship and get on with the sermon.

It also made me wonder whether I, too, sound like Kermy to the people in front of me. What a terrible thought.

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3boys247 said...

I think Kermit had to take Miss Piggy to the mall yesterday, he should be back at church next week.