Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bug bites!

Do you see them? The bites all over her? She's been sleeping on an inflatable mattress on the floor of our bedroom and apparently she's very popular with the local mosquitoes. So yesterday we bombed the room with Raid, an action I would only consider under the most dire of circumstances. Now I am certain that every mosquito between here and Mexico City is dead.

Dead. And hallelujah, because she didn't get any new bites last night. And she's not scratching, so I'm thinking that these mosquitoes' buzz is worse than their bite.


Fulton said...

im glad you said mexico city... because i was getting ready to ask A. why did you just bug bomb your bedroom (in colorado)?? and B. what happened to Callie's room?!?

do your cell phones work down there, cuz i sent Scott one tonight that i thought he'd appreciate.

Susi said...

you're still down there? Wow, awesome long vacation!!